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Damp Sunshine

Flowing Out Like Endless Rain into a Paper Cup

I began this journal on October 1, 2004.

Since high school, I've felt as if a piece was missing from the puzzle that is my sexuality. I've fantasized about erotic watersports since I was 17 years old, but only recently have I admitted to myself three things:

1) Having this fantasy does not make me sick or dimented.
2) I need to feel comfortable with myself, especially this aspect of my sexuality.
3) There are others who have the same fantasy.

Also recently, I've realized that I'm no longer "just dating." I'm searching for the beauty of my dreams, the woman with whom I wish to share all the joys and trials of life. I'm tired of feeling alone, even when I have someone by my side.

The combination of these two revelations prompted me to start this journal, in order to become comfortable with who I am and perhaps give me a better idea of what exactly I'm searching for.

A little about me:
I am a male, bi-curious grad student. I am madly in love with life and try to enjoy every moment of it. I am a hopeless romantic in the truest sense of the expression, and I live to experience beautiful things. If you wish to know more about me, please read my primary journal.