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Damp Sunshine

Flowing Out Like Endless Rain into a Paper Cup

10/30/05 09:56 am - Erotic Times with Pee and Panties

I gave myself a really good time this morning.

These last two nights I've been feeling lonely. I'm still new to State College, and I don't really have close friends yet. I went out with some people last night, but didn't meet anyone overly cool. Definitely not in a position to pee with someone, although, that's what I was wishing for so badly last night. [Although, side note: I was considering going out dressed all in white with a toilet seat around my neck and a flush knob sewn to my shirt over my nipple, but then I chickened out...]

So I came home and thought about getting off, but I was tired and not really in the mood. So I thought, if I pick a pair of sexy panties to wear to bed, I'll get off real good in the morning, maybe even be horny enough to play with my acrid morning pee. I found in my collection a tiny "Victoria's Secret Pink" thong which I slid into, then found a big tee to wear over it. Before getting into bed, I checked myself out in the mirror. I've really gotten very slim in the last 4 months or so since I became pseudo-vegetarian, and I thought about how badly I wish I were on my knees licking my own puckering butt. I climbed into bed and rubbed myself for a few minutes before I fell fast asleep.

As predicted, I woke up incredibly horny. I laid in bed massaging myself, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself. I felt an impending urge to empty my bladder, although it wasn't neccessary. I found my nice clear measuring cup(I've been enjoying peeing into it a lot recently), I rolled down my panties onto the floor and released my hot pee into the cup. I could smell it distinctly, and it was so strong and dark that it bubbled a lot as the cup filled up. I finished and looked -- the cup felt very warm to my hand, the pee was quite dark, deep yellow, and had a nice frothy cap on top.

I laid out my towel and intended to pour in into my mouth and on my face, but I stopped before I did -- it wasn't enough. I wasn't horny enough to enjoy it. So I looked at the thong I had peeled off the my intimate parts of my body a minute or two previous and had an idea. I quickly found another pair of panties -- a white cotton fullback string bikini from Maidenform that I like to play with. I wanted that one because I like the way it looks when it's soaked with yellow piss.

I laid on my back and tasted the tiny panty I had worn all night. My scents and tastes were very distinct on it. I stuffed the whole thing in my mouth, then laid the white panty all over the rest of my face. I couldn't see, but I slowly tilted the cup over my panty-covered face -- I didn't want to pour too fast and waste it all in a second. The first drops splashed right in my eyes, which was a little unpleasant, but really got my heart racing. I poured the warm, fragrant nectar up and down my face, quite a bit of it trickled into my stuffed mouth, and I gulped. I wanted more. The white panty laying over my eyes and nose was completely soaked, I moved the thong in my mouth to one side so I could pour the rest directly in. I started gulping -- fast. Not just little sips like in all the internet porn -- big gulps, as fast as I could. I felt my belly grumble in disagreement, and I poured a little more over my face on the white panty while my throat and mouth caught up and recovered for a moment. I felt like I was going to cum without touching myself. I poured the rest of it in my panty filled mouth and swallowed. I set the cup next to me and started working on myself, as I sucked the last drops of bitter piss out of the dirty panties in my mouth.

I came hard and laid for a few moments in my puddle, enjoying the bliss. I smiled as I glanced at the white panties which had turned yellow. It was a wonderful morning -- and I rushed off to get a drink to settle my stomach.

7/7/05 08:31 am

So I've actually been getting kind of bored with pissing fantasies lately. I'm not subscribed to a site right now. I tried Golden Passions a few months ago and it was pretty good, although it was a lot of the same. I'm thinking about trying French Pee because I like some of their previews. Does anyone have any suggestions? Additionally, does anyone have any sources of sexy pee stories online?

PS If you would like to trade movies and pics privately, let's chat and decide if we have the same interests.

2/1/05 11:42 pm - training

so does anyone else train themselves to be ready for that special night and to get off? i mean, i think it's definitely the best thing outside of the real thing! what do you all do to train for when you meet that perfect person who wants to get dirty and play piss games with you? what do you imagine them saying and doing to you, and how do you think you'll impress them?

first of all, i often fear that i won't be able to piss on demand. i mean, it's easy to piss in the toilet, where you're "supposed" to piss, but i was once in a situation where my girlfriend at the time wanted me to pee on her face, and a combination of drunkeness and nerves and an erection caused me to be unable to do it! it was quite embarrassing. so what i try to do is get horny in the shower and imagine myself in a situation and pee. it's still pretty difficult sometimes.

now, in terms of being the receiver, my training is a lot more fun! recently what i've been doing is letting my bladder get real full and filling up a large bowl. then i get myself nice and horny and imagine that a beautiful woman that i'm making love to tells me that she wants to pee in my mouth. now, when this happens, i want to be well-trained and not have to spare a drop due to uncomfort or taste or sickness. i want to swallow every drop as fast as she can expel it! i know if a woman i'm making love to can be this well-trained when i am the giver, i will be very impressed. i assume that the same holds true when someone else is the giver. anyway.... i set the bowl on the floor on a towel and i close my eyes and continue my fantasy. at the appropriate moment, i put my face in the bowl and gulp down one hot, sour mouthful after another, as fast as i can until i have to give in a breath (which, recently, has been very, very close to the end of the bowl). also, since i started doing this a few months ago, i've been training myself to handle darker and darker piss. in the beginning, i could only do it when i was drunk and my piss of clear. after a few weeks, i could handle a mild, pale yellow, and last night, for the first time, i finished off a moderately deep yellow. god, it made my cock so hard, it was only a few seconds after i finished that my cock exploded.... my goal, eventually, is to be able to handle a large bowl of morning piss, which i think is the deepest and most "flavorful" of the day....

i think that would be incredibly sexy: to wake up next to someone who tells you that they want to take their morning piss in your mouth -- and then be able to swallow down every drop.... ahh, what a fantasy....

... so, how many people do you know that can stomach a whole bladderful of yellow (not clear) piss in real time? are there any taker for my morning toilet offer?? :^P just kidding!

10/10/04 12:59 am - Bob Dylan - Romance in Durango

Hello. My name is Aaron, I introduced myself about a week ago and I promised I'd share some stories about my desires and experience, so here it goes.

A lot of people I read about here have said that their piss fetish started when they were children. I am not that fortunate. I was in high school before I realized that peeing really intrigued me. I was raised Catholic, so I was very sexually frustrated by the time I was in Middle School, and I began looked at porn on the internet and "cybering" when I was in seventh grade. By the time I was in high school, just by looking at pictures on the internet, I realized that I had two fetishes: panties and piss. Because of the way I was brought up, I was very hesitant to admit to myself that these feelings were valid. I thought I was a fuck up and did everything I could to convince myself that these things were not arousing to me.

In the meantime, I was developing like all pubescent boys do. I had a few girlfriends before I found myself in a very serious relationship my senior year of high school. During this relationship, I would do many things to try to satisfy my fetishes, such as glimpse the top of my girlfriend's panties every time she bent over, or look at the panty lines on her ass every chance I got, despite that I thought all of it was really messed up. Eventually, we got so close that she'd let me go through her panty drawer and I was able to listen to her pee in the bathroom. She got the impression that I had some kind of panty fetish, but, due to how ashamed I was, I never let her know I had a pee fetish. Actually, she mentioned to me more than once that she could hear me pee in the bathroom, etc, but I didn't take the hint.

Nevertheless, we went to different colleges and the most beautiful relationship of my life thus far was torn away from us for reasons that were not in our control. I dated a couple other girls here at Cornell, but none of them have been quite like her. I do have a "special friend" who I get intimate with every once in a while. She knows about both of my fetishes, and actually pleasured me once. We were drinking and she was playing around with me in a pair of panties that really suits her. She said she wanted to get herself off while I ate out her ass, but if I couldn't please her or something went wrong, she would punish me. She rolled down her panties and plopped her ass down on my face and I went to work: licking, rimming, inserting. She started to rub herself off, but she was too drunk to balance, so she insisted that she had to punsish me and she told me to choose the nastiest punishment I could think of. I told her that the nastiest thing I could think of was to fill my belly with piss. She squatted on me, gave me a mouthful which I promptly swallowed then chicked out. Since then, she's claimed to have wanted to do it again for real, but hasn't. She also has said that she's willing to let me pee on her sometime (yum!) I would love to date her, but she's not what I'm looking for in terms of every other aspect except sexually (ie emotionally, psychologically) and I don't want to waste my time, despite the sexual gratification I would get.

This is the only real pee play I've ever been involved in.

In my spare time, I do all the regular stuff. I love to pee in a glass or bowl and drink every last drop. This is one of my regular practices. These sorts of things started my freshman year of college. I remember at some point standing on my head in the shower and peeing on my own face. This was the very first time, and it was a revelation. I loved the salty taste on my lips, the bubbly feeling in my nose -- everything! Other highlights have been saving all my pee for more than two days in a few pitchers last spring. I never had the guts to do anything with them, but the fantasies I was having were wonderful. More recently, I've found one of my favorite ways to get off is to put a pair of panties in a bowl and fill the bowl with hot yellow piss. This works especially well with a pair of white panties!

So this is my sexuality in a nutshell. I will share more detailed stories in the future, hopefully. I'd love to hear about how you (both guys and girls) get off by peeing. I would love to hear about your real peeing experiences (with a partner or partners) and I would love to hear about how you were able to share your fetishes with significant others. My ultimate goal is to find a girl who I can connect with emotionally and psychologically, and who can accept my sexual predilections as well.

And please ignore the spelling and grammatical errors, I had a few glasses of wine before I wrote this. Cheers!

10/1/04 01:46 am - First Update

I am Aaron. This is my first entry. Please say Hi if you come across this.
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